Heather Marra was inducted into membership of Rotary International through the Rotary Club of Houghton Lake in December 2019. She has selflessly engaged the object and the mission of Rotary, and has taken opportunities to serve in many ways! 
Hungry for action, Heather asked questions of club mentors and she utilized Rotary’s online information to educate herself and to share information with others. She quickly offered talent and creativity in designing event flyers and she became involved with our Rotary Club image on social media platforms. 
Heather has educated our membership in several capacities, from how to share posts of our Facebook site to the method of procuring an item for an online auction, with handout materials included. 
Her enjoyment of photography and her energy to impact others has been paramount in providing advertisements and in sharing outcomes for our projects and events, as well as her participation in them. This year, these include Restoring the Village Store, Car Cruise, Stuff the Bus Project, Facebook Auction, Member Bio Project, Thanksgiving Food Pantry Dinner Boxes, and Christmas Live Sale. Heather has volunteered as co-administrator of our upcoming Spring Online Auction site that will take place in April. She has kept our Facebook site updated with club and community information, and she serves as our club’s Public Image Chairperson and Sergeant-at-arms, as well as Director on our Rotary Board. 
Heather is unassuming and exemplifies ‘Service Above Self.’ Her bright smile and positivity are contagious as she brings hope to help meet the needs of our local communities and those throughout our world. She is our club’s Unsung Hero!