Longtime University of Michigan equipment manager Jon Falk spoke to the Rotary Club of Houghton Lake with stories from 50 years of experience. Having decided in high school that he did not want to play football but still help the team, Jon became the equipment manager. When Jon became a student at Miami University of Ohio in the late 60's he continued to serve as equipment manager for Miami's head football coach Bo Schembechler. After becoming University of Michigan's head football coach in 1974, Bo called on Jon to become U of M's equipment manager. Jon thought he ruined his chances the first day on the job when Bo kicked him out of his office for wearing Ohio red instead of Michigan blue. Being from Ohio, red attire was all Jon had. Jon made a quick clothing adjustment and never looked back now having served as Equipment Manager for U of M head coaches Bo Schembechler, Gary Moeller, Lloyd Carr, Rich Rodriguez, Brady Hoke, and now Jim Harbaugh. He has 17 Big Ten title rings to prove it and likes to remind Michigan football players that before games. Back in the 1990's, a young Michigan football player named Tom Brady liked to ask Jon which ring was his favorite, to which Jon would reply "The next one!". In 1997, U of M won the Rose Bowl which added a National Championship ring to Jon's collection. Jon's "The next one" response made an impression on Tom as that became his response to a similar question after winning another Super bowl. Jon continues to keep in communication with Tom. Jon's keys to success involve loyalty and respect noting, "If someone sees something in you to offer an opportunity and you take it, they deserve your loyalty, appreciation and respect. With that, you'll succeed". (Pictured are Interactors Rachel Sajdak, Emily Burgis, and Madison Roll with Jon Falk. )