At the April 20th Rotary Club meeting, Rotarians Diane Nielsen and Bethany Leslie educated attendees on the current available Covid vaccinations. Bethany is from Munson Healthcare and Diane is from Mid-Michigan, both health systems are currently offering the Moderna vaccine.
Pamphlets were handed out that gave very good information about the Covid-19 Vaccine. There are some side effects like injection site reactions, and you may experience dizziness and fatigue. If extreme, call the place you received the vaccine from, or your healthcare provider.
Munson will start doing rapid testing soon. Sport clinics are now using rapid testing. Vaccines are free of charge but you may find they do collect your insurance information. There are free rides through the community bus transportation system to get you vaccinated.
Since the onset of Covid, there has been a decrease in childhood vaccines. If you know anyone, please encourage them to get their children in to get vaccinated. It is a safe environment.