The HL Rotary Club was honored to receive the "Organization of the Year" award from the Houghton Lake Chamber of Commerce Annual Award Dinner.  Fellow Rotarians Cole Morison and Rhonda Lamberg also received a "Citizen of the Year" nomination. Rotary President Susan Tyer accepted the award and addressed the award dinner attendees; "Thank you very much for this great honor.  To even be nominated with so many other worthy organizations is humbling.  I stand today to receive this award, as merely one person representing an organization made up of a multitude of generous, compassionate, and service minded individuals.  We can not express how much this award means to us. On behalf of the Rotary Club of Houghton Lake thank you so much." Pictured are Greg Robinson, Rita VanScyoc, Jay Jacobs, Rotary President Susan Tyer, Cole Morison, Rhonda Lamberg, Bob Pacella and Ben Williams.